Art and Frame Expo, Beijing


Australian framing industry presenter Jared Davis recently returned from the Art and Frame Asia Expo in Beijing.

Jared Davis of Megawood Larson Juhl, described the Chinese show as “Fascinating. It was busy, and definitely geared at their domestic market. The standard of the exhibits and displays was somewhat better than I thought they would be – and the overall show was about 3-4 times larger compared to our Australian shows.”

Invited to present his seminar on Sales Strategies, Jared was apparently the first western speaker to ever appear at the show, which he saw as “A unique opportunity. I think I had about 40-50 people for my translated class. I feel the audience seemed to “get it” – as I saw some heads nodding throughout the class, and I was surprised that many of them waited to have their photo taken with me after the class too! My manual workshops on the LJ stand seemed to pull a crowd, especially when using the Fletcher 2200 matcutter.”

Jared described the Chinese framers in attendance as having “a keen curiosity to learn about anything and everything – and wanting to improve, which is refreshing to see. With the population sharing a passionate enthusiasm like this, it is no wonder this country has become such a major economic force in such a short time.”

Jared will also be presenting at our own Art and Frame Trade Fair in Sydney in August this year. His seminars will include What Customers Want,  Guerrilla Selling Techniques, and  Innovative Mat Designs and Ideas for CMC’s.



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